Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Work I have completed:
- Title decision
- Audience profile
- Fashion associated with my genre
- Analysis of magazine titles
- Style of magazine
- Language register
- Front page analysis
- Contents page analysis
- Double paged spread analysis
- Examples of other text
- Prelim magazine front cover
- Prelim magazine contents
- 25 word pitch
- Playlist

Work I haven't completed:
- Colour Pallets
- Audience research (UK tribes)
- Photographer/Magazine creator/ Graphic designer
- Comment on peers blog
- Mood board
- Institute to publish my magazine

Organisation and time management - I felt that I spent too long on the preliminary magazine front cover and contents page task and not enough on the rest of my work, furthermore we didn't take our photos till the 3rd lesson which slowed us down quite a bit.

Research and planning - Through research of this industry I have learnt the amount of effort that goes into it, furthermore how time consuming it is.

Technology - For the preliminary task of designing the magazine cover and contents page I used photoshop to design and edit it. Moreover I used a camera to take the photos which didn't require a lot of effort however the use of lighting and the white screen behind required setting up.

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