Friday, 16 January 2015

Analysis of magazine titles

The initials NME stand for 'New musical express', this is largely due to it often featuring bands who are relatively unknown to the public. The use of the red font with the black and white outline is deliberate as it is eyecatching to the reader. Moreover the use of the short 3 letters allows for a large masthead which would stick in the readers mind.

The term 'VIBE' is often associated with enjoying or relaxing to the sound of music, often which includes a beat which again is associated with the Hip Hop genre. The black bold writing gives off a Hip Hop feel to it which is something I'm going to consider in my magazine's masthead. One minor problem for the colour scheme is that the mastheads colour is changed to represent each different colour of the magazine, this is something I may have to consider as it would not make the masthead easy to recognise.

I intend to include elements of the simplicity of this logo in my masthead, the basic red, white and black shadow make it stand out and easy to recognise even when this colour pallet is often used with magazine of this genre. Furthermore the lack of text aside from the 'Q' will allow for maximum size of the masthead to grasp the publics attention.

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