Sunday, 18 January 2015

Audience profile

Name: Tom
Age: 18

Occupation: Tom is currently studying for his A-Levels in Media, English, Geography and Drama, his understanding of the English language would allow him to relate to what i'm writing in my magazine and interpret the meaning of various terms and the English vocabulary.

Interests: Tom enjoys listening to Hip Hop in his spare time where he can relax and forget about college, he enjoys listening by himself but also with friends so they can share opinions on various artists. Fashion (and in particular streetwear) play a large part in his life as he enjoys buying and wearing various items from the streetwear scene, you'll often see tom sporting designer clothing such as Nike, Undefeated and Supreme.

Favourite music: MF doom, Bishop Nehru, Yung Lean, The Notorious B.I.G.

Favourite Magazine: Vice, Respect, XXL.

Favourite Places: House partys, clubs and Hip Hop concerts.

Favourite activities: Shopping, Socialising, Partying.

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