Friday, 23 January 2015

25 word Pitch


  1. I think the target market for your magazine is males 16-30
    I anticipate seeing the following artists: Eminem
    To improve have you considered a set frequency for your magazine e.g. weekly

  2. I believe the target audience is 16-30 year olds
    Artists i anticipate: ASAP, School Boy Q and Jay Z.
    I feel you have selected the correct price for a monthly magazine, with the magazine being fairly pricey i will have a sense of relief because it will hopefully reflect the detail that is in the magazine if it is a monthly one. The
    Fashion side of the magazine could be seen as relating to Females so i think you should consider what you include in this side of the magazine. Also consider the Frequency of the Magazine, i think you should do a monthly due to the price of the magazine.

  3. I believe that the target audience will be predominantly male with an age of between 16 - 25
    I anticipate seeing artists in the same genre as: Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Kanye West, Drake etc.
    One of the many things I like about the idea of your magazine is the price, this is good due to the fact that I feel the age range of your audience can afford the price. I do feel however you could include a frequency to your magazine to indicate whether or not the audience will pay weekly, monthly etc. I think that the music is stereotypically male, therefore I feel that the predominantly male audience is clever.
    I also feel that the fact you are including fashion, that would be found in a predominantly female magazine, is good as it adds individuality and makes it unique as male fashion is sometimes over looked in music magazines. Finally, I feel that the collaboration of your related magazines gives me a good idea of your design.

  4. I believe that the target audience is 16-30
    I anticipate seeing the following artists; Yung Lean and Asap Rocky
    To improve, have you considered having a definite colour scheme

  5. I believe that the target audience is 16-30, predominantly male, year olds who like hip-hop music.
    I anticipate seeing the following artists: Childish Gambino, Schoolboy Q and Chance the Rapper.
    I like the edgy feel to the title of your magazine and I feel that this would appeal to your target audience.
    To improve, have you considered pricing your magazine at £4.99 instead of £5.00 exactly- as this makes the magazine sound cheaper to potential consumers and would possibly interest them in buying it more. It would also be good if you could consider how frequently your magazine is going to be published, monthly is probably the best option due to the high price of it. You could also consider what UK tribes your target audience would fit into, as this will help you know what else to include in your magazine that will appeal to them.