Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Draft Article

Review of album - Nehruviandoom.

In 2014 the long awaited collaboration between the Hip Hop legend MF doom and the upcoming talent that is Bishop Nehru was released, Nehruviandoom was a huge success on the underground Hip Hop scene due to the build up that was created from Dooms previous success with albums such as Operation Doomsday and Madvillain. Furthermore Bishop Nehru has amassed quite a reputation for an up and coming rapper with massive potential, this may have been what drew Doom towards this collaboration. The album has a variety of different beats to the songs with tracks such as 'OM' and 'Darkness' featuring Dooms classic slow guitar riffs and deep tones for the chorus with Bishops higher beat rapping over the top, this mixture works really well and creates an almost father/son relationship between the two rappers. Moreover songs such as 'Mean the most' illustrate how Bishop Nehru stands out from other rappers of the same genre, Bishops flow and lyrical content gives him a maturity beyond his years.

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