Monday, 9 February 2015

Draft front cover

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  1. Dan. There are sizing issues which we need to address

    1. On your cover try to avoid obscuring your artists face with the mast head, this can be achieved by using a MCU of the artist and moving him lower down the page so only the branding on his jacket can be seen.
    2. The barcode is far too large whilst LEVELS is not written in a legible font. The MASTHEAD must be strong and solid as that is what sells the magzine
    3. Pull quotes on the cover are far too long. Stick to listing artists who will feature in the magazine. TRAW must be the largest text on the cover (after the masthead), the exclusive should be what he says rather than the fact he says anything at all
    4. The price and issue in the upper right is very badly aligned. Look again at that